Top 10 Orient Watches to Buy in 2021

The Orient brand is usually compared with Seiko. But, whether it’s correct to compare them? You will find the answer in the Orient watches review that took over 60 hours to analyze all the existing products and define only the leading ones. Unfortunately, some of them are not mentioned, such as Agent or Square, but it is compensated by the top 10 devices made by Orient.

Men’s Sun and Moon Version 3 Japanese Automatic Watch

Men’s Sun and Moon Version 3 Japanese Automatic Watch

The most demandable timepiece among Orient products is the Sun and Moon version with an automatic mechanism. It combines the high precision of movement, which means reliability and classic design suitable for any event. Besides, it has a 42.5 mm display that comprises three functional windows. In particular, there is a day dial and sun and moon indicator. Below them, there is a date window.

Aside from the above-mentioned facts, this watch still can be used for recreational swimming or having a shower. It has a sapphire glass protection of dial and a seen-through window of the back. It is definitely a mesmerizing part that should work without any issues at least for a year, as the manufacturer states.


  • A stylish timepiece that is convenient to wear for any occasion
  • 40-hour power reserve
  • It has all the necessary functions
  • It keeps time nicely
  • The winding mechanism is smooth


The case is quite thick so wearing with a shirt may require having two buttons on a sleeve

Men’s Bambino Open Heart Leather Dress Watch

Men’s Bambino Open Heart Leather Dress Watch

The Bambino Open Heart from the Orient brand is right to be considered as catching an eye device. It combines restrained design and elements of steampunk that organically match each other as it is in a dress watch. In particular, this is an exquisite timepiece with the see-through window on the 40.5mm display and blue background. Meanwhile, the back lid is also transparent, so the mechanism skeleton is well seen from both sides. However, this design was already implemented in the Moderno model.

The device is equipped with three hands covered with silver finish. The same is with hour markings what makes them look stunning. In terms of usability, its design matches any look you choose, even if you wear a tracksuit. The leather strap feels really comfortable, so this feature complements the whole device itself and makes it attractive to any user. Besides, who doesn’t want to have a reliable timekeeper with the official warranty that lasts for one year?


  • It is a nice zest to any outfit
  • It ensures precise time


The leather strap may be too stiff for a few first times

Men’s Mako II Blue Dial Diving Watch

Men’s Mako II Blue Dial Diving Watch

If the main purpose you buy the device is to dive with it, then you should take a look at Mako II with a 41 mm display. By the way, it slightly resembles the Panda model except for the three sub-dials. It comes in a stainless steel housing with the same material band. And it can withstand up to 660 feet underwater. So, altogether, such a solution makes it a reliable timepiece even for watersports such as marine activity. Also, the unidirectional bezel will also come in handy, which is irreplaceable in tracking time while yachting.

Besides, there is a day/date window. And all the markings and two hands are covered with a unique glowing finish, so even the darkness won’t stop you from checking the time.

On a separate note, despite the fact that the device is made of steel, it’s really convenient to wear, and it can be an excellent addition to either sport or formal outfit.


  • It doesn’t run fast or slowly in a few days
  • It is suitable for various purposes and different outfits
  • The stainless steel band and housing makes it stable
  • Hacking mechanism


The links in the band feel hollow

Men’s Symphony Gen. II Stainless Steel Classic Watch

There is something similar between Symphony Gen. II, and Titanium (not the one with slide rule bezel) watches. For example, the shape of hands and silver finish that will certainly emphasize any of your looks. Meanwhile, Symphony Gen. II is like no other thanks to its simplicity and usability.

It has a plain 41 mm display that comprises a date calendar and three hands. The leather band softens wearing it even for a long time. But the main pepper is hidden at the back. There is a glass lid that allows you to see the ticking process and soothe your mind. So if you have stress, just pull the watch off from your wrist and give yourself a minute or two to relax.

  • Simple but functional design
  • It comfortably sits on the wrist
  • The time stays accurate for a long time

The winding mechanism is quite noisy

Women’s President Classic Automatic Sapphire Watch

There is a President watches for ladies from Orient. And be sure that wearing it will make you feel like a real president. First of all, it’s because of inlaid crystals instead of traditional hour markings as in royal devices are. The exception is a 3-hour marking, which is a date window with the magnifier. Moreover, all of them and three hands nicely fit the 28mm display.

In terms of quality, it corresponds to all modern standards. Besides, its housing and the band are made of stainless steel that makes it lasting and resistant even for water contact, which is equal to 330 feet. Additional protection adds the sapphire glass that ensures the proper work of mechanical parts for a while.

  • Long-lasting materials
  • In-laid crystals
  • Magnifier for the date window

For some users, the display size may seem too small

Women’s Sun & Moon’ Pearl Dial Brown Leather Quartz Watch

Women’s Sun & Moon’ Pearl Dial Brown Leather Quartz Watch

Another women’s watch that definitely deserves attention is the Sun & Moon model that provides information about what part of the day it is. However, it’s an uncommon case due to the quartz mechanism. But it works properly and adds another stunning effect to this product.

The most remarkable thing on the 34.8mm display is how gorgeously three sub-dials (2 of them are for date and day calendar) look against the dial’s mother-of-pearl background. Moreover, instead of regular digits, there are Roman-style numbers that add elegance to the whole look.

The device is made in Japan, and it tells a lot about the quality. It is mainly taking into account that the manufacturer’s warranty for one year is an integral part.

  • A stunning look that matches various purposes
  • Useful functions
  • The accuracy of time is decent

The new leather band may be too stiff

Men’s Ray II Rubber Japanese Automatic Silver-Toned Watch

Women’s Sun & Moon’ Pearl Dial Brown Leather Quartz Watch

If you are looking for a trustworthy timekeeper with higher resistance to water materials, then the best thing to consider is Ray II with a rubber band. In fact, from the first sight, it may seem a military version, but it doesn’t have all the necessary functions for that except the rotating bezel on the 41.5mm display.

Meanwhile, there is a date and day calendar window. And, there are three hands and hour markings that have a luminous finish and charge from solar energy. These features are essential for serious water sports. Especially taking into account the fact that it’s capable of enduring 660 feet deep, unlike, let’s say the aviator watch.


  • Water-resistant rubber band
  • The design is gorgeous
  • The time accuracy is stunning


The bezel is tight, and the markings may not correspond the ones on the dial


Orient is quite a recognizable brand. Still, some people are unfamiliar with it, so there may appear questions such as “how to check original” or “where are made” those timepieces. Besides, potential users may also doubt which ones are good enough. For that reason, there are collected the most relevant answers so you can find the necessary information.

What Is a History of Orient Watches ⌚?

The history of the Orient brand started in Japan in 1950. However, in 2009 it became a subsidiary company of Seiko Epson until it was fully consumed in 2017. Thus, it’s quite unfair to compare Orient vs Seiko. The specialty of this brand was manufacturing majorly the mechanical watches that were equipped with hand or self-winding mechanisms. However, in a while, they started to produce the other types such as radio-controlled, those charged from solar energy, and the quartz timepieces.

Are Orient Watches Good 👍?

One valuable thing about the Orient brand is that all the timepieces and their parts are manufactured in-house. It means that the production is well-controlled from the very beginning till sending it to the consumer. This fact allows us to stick to the higher quality standards and deliver great products.

How to Check 🧐 Original Orient Watches?

In order to check whether your watch is original, you should go to the Orient official web-site and enter the caliber code. It is usually a 10-digit number that starts with AA and engraved on the back lid of the watch, a warranty document that the watch comes with. Once you find it, just enter the field and search for it. In case it’s original, you will receive all the necessary information about your watch.

Where Can I Buy 🛒 The Best Orient Watch?

Nowadays, there are so many places where to buy timepieces in the USA that a potential user may be confused and lost in such a variety. The first thing you should do is to check whether the desired product is available for sale on various platforms such as Amazon. Besides, eBay may also have attractive prices. However, online markets are not the only option. You still may want to go to Best Buy. But, going there doesn’t guarantee you the best price. Thus, you should be aware of the price range among different stores in order to get the best offer.

Final Thoughts

There has been lots of time since the time of pocket watches. And now, it’s not a luxury product, or only a snob is interested in it, but rather a “must-have” for lots of people. Moreover, during the previous century, there appeared so many trustworthy brands that made it almost impossible to be aware of all the top devices. The Orient brand is one of them, and WatchMaker Notes has collected all its gorgeous devices so you can be familiar with them. Or it will help you in searching for alternative Orient devices such as Capital, Disk, etc.

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