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Not everyone has abandoned the wrist watch in favor of telling the time from a smartphone. There’s something stylish and dignified about a good man’s watch, and it can complete an upscale or sporty outfit. MVMT watches are known for their great price point — they sell direct to the consumer, which keeps the costs low, so you can show off a trendy, expensive looking watch at a fraction of the cost of other name brands. Choose from 40 minimalist styles, from classic to athletic, all with a 24-month guarantee. Plus, the straps are designed to be switched out for the ultimate in versatility.

MVMT NOVA Watches | 38MM Women’s Analog Watch Chronograph


  • Beautiful analog design
  • Simple and minimalistic
  • Genuine leather strap
  • Decent water-resistance


  • Limited chronograph features

A truly fashionable watch that is named after the stars, the MVMT Nova watch caters to those who want a classy look. It is a dazzling piece of accessory that can elevate your style game and help you stand out in a crowd of friends. This watch promises to give you a boost in confidence at a fantastic price point.

The watch comes with a brushed titanium stainless-steel case of 38 mm diameter. With a case thickness of only 10 mm, you can be sure that this watch will sit snugly on your wrist all day. To further aid in comfort, you get a genuine leather strap that comes in a matching color.

This watch shows-off a Taupe theme that is sure to go well with any clothing choice. The matching leather strap, along with the dark silver interior of the dial, enhances the already beautiful finish in this timepiece. The bezel comes with a crown and two buttons above and under it to access different functions.

Inspecting the dial, you will find an analog and minimal design that will immediately capture your attention. The face of the watch features three simple hand dials that indicate the time of the day. To serve as hour markings; the watch uses 11 straight markings in the interior edge while the beautiful MVMT logo sits at the 12-o clock position.

The watch also features three sub-dials, one of which is a date function while the other two work as dual time and chronograph. Like all MVMT watches, it follows the Japanese quartz movement and comes with interchangeable straps. Furthermore, the dial window comes with a mineral coating that makes it resistant to aging and also waters up to 5 ATM.

MVMT 40 Series Watches | 40 MM Men’s Analog Watch


  • Simple analog design
  • Contrasting color combination
  • Affordable price tag
  • Goes well in any occasion


  • Could use a date function

Next, we have the infamous 40 series of MVMT watches. This line gathered massive popularity among the people because of its multi-occasion compatibility. The timepiece comes in a design that goes well with everything from jeans and hoodies to suits and pants.

It comes with a standard 40 mm diameter round case that is made of brushed silver stainless steel. Despite its bigger size than our previous product, this watch actually feels smaller because of a thickness of only 7 mm. For this, the watch feels very cozy on any type of wrists. Furthermore, it also comes with a brown leather strap to go along with the overall look of the unit.

The contrasting brown and blue color combination of the watch helps it stand out from other similarly priced models. The blue watch face features three sword-shaped hand dials to show hours, minutes, and seconds. It comes with 12 pointed accents in place of the hour markers and smaller ones in between to indicate minutes.

A single crown on the side of the watch is all you get to set the time. In reality, you do not need much else when it comes to a minimalistic watch. The dial window is coated with hardened mineral crystal to protect it against any damage. It also makes the unit resistant to water up to 3 ATM.

It is a battery-powered watch that uses the three-hand Miyota quartz movement. This watch is aimed at those who want their timepiece stripped of any unnecessary hassles. It is a true analog watch for the minimalists who like to appreciate the beauty in small things.

MVMT Chrono Watches | Men’s Analog Watch Chronograph


  • Chronograph features
  • Vintage second hand
  • Precise timekeeping
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use


  • May be hard to read

Coming up at number three, this pick from the Chrono line of watches is the perfect blend of simplicity and functionality. The color of our choice is gunmetal chestnut as the manufacturers call it, and it looks superb on the wrist thanks to its beautiful color combination.

This product is bigger than the others we have reviewed with its big 45mm diameter case and 12 mm thickness. But you do not have to worry; it does not get in your way because of its lightweight design. Furthermore, the included 22 mm wide leather strap makes sure the watch stays on your wrist securely and comfortably.

The black dial face of the watch features two sword-shaped hand-dials with a hollowed upper side that work as the hour and minute hands. It also features a hand for seconds that is mnemonic of vintage watches with its narrow pointed red design. There are small square-shaped markers on the inner edge of the face that serve as hour markers in the watch.

The watch also features three sub-dials around the bottom center position that serve as different chronograph functions. It also comes with a handy date feature that is positioned right beside the Chrono dials. Simple does not always mean no features, and this unit is an example of that.

This watch follows the precise Japanese Miyota quartz movement. The bezel in the unit comes with a single crown and two additional buttons to access the chronograph options. A hardened mineral crystal on the dial window takes care of protecting the watch against damage and gives it water-resistance up to 5 ATM.

MVMT Classic Watches | 45 MM Men’s Analog Watch


  • Classic design with a modern feel
  • Highly affordable price
  • Convenient date function
  • Stylish black theme


  • Water-resistance too low

Let us dive into the past with this classic series of watches from MVMT. We already know MVMT likes its minimalist approach, but this product takes it to a whole new level. With a fantastic retro meets modern design, this watch is the dream of any simple man.

This watch comes in a bigger case size of 45 mm diameter; however, the thickness is only 10 mm. Whether you have big wrists or small, it will fit on your hand comfortably without requiring any adjustment. The stainless-steel link bracelet of a 24 mm width that comes with the watch also caters to all your comfort needs.

Boasting a sleek black look, the interior of the watch comes in a darker shade than the outer parts. Inside the face, you get two dials to indicate the hour and minute and another vintage red dial that serve as the second’s marker. Eleven markers around the edge of the face serve as hour markers while the MVMT logo can be found at the 12-o clock position.

Additionally, you can also find a date window right beside the 3-o clock position that comes in handy. The steel bracelet employs a push-button release clasp for fast and easy deployment. With a single crown located on the right side of the bezel, this watch is a joy to use.

This unit comes with a hardened mineral crystal coating. The coating not only protects the watch from scratches but also makes it resistant to water up to 3 ATM. To keep its time, it uses the Japanese quartz movement.

MVMT Voyager Watches | 42 MM Men’s Analog Watch


  • Luxurious rose-gold theme
  • High-quality NATO strap
  • Amazing water-resistance
  • Chronograph functions


  • Has some timekeeping issues

To finish off our review, let us turn our attention to the Voyager line. These units are the ones to look out for if you want to take your watch everywhere and not worry about breaking it. It features a truly unique design and robust construction to go along with it.

The unit comes with a rose-gold stainless-steel case of 42 mm diameter and a thickness of 11 mm. A beautiful Charcoal nylon NATO strap of 21 mm width gives this watch the perfect finishing touch it deserves. Thanks to these construction features, this timepiece is highly comfortable to wear all day.

The rose-gold theme of the case can also be seen in the interior of the watch face. It features two hand-dials for the hour and second marker. The hour positions are indicated by small gold pellets around the edge of the black dial. Additionally, this watch comes with two sub-dials for dual time zone. You also get a date window next to the 3-o clock position.

This watch follows the precise Japanese Miyota Quartz movement to keep its time. A crown accompanied by two buttons can be found on the bezel to access different functions in this timepiece.

It also comes coated with a hardened mineral crystal that enhances durability. The best thing about the watch, however, is the high water-resistance capability of 10 ATM.

Why Would You Want an MVMT Watch?

The success of MVMT with their digital marketing strategy is no doubt exemplary. However, what makes the brand all that different from other budget brands? There are other brands like Daniel Wellington or Alessi that have been around much longer than MVMT watches.

The target customer of this brand is millennials like the founders, who want a quality watch but cannot enter the market due to excessive price. The real question still remains. Why would you want an MVMT watch? The following section of our article will give you three reasons why you should consider buying from this watch brand.

  • Affordable Price Point

The primary reason for buying an MVMT watch is, of course, a highly affordable price. It is one of the most attractive features of the brand and what mainly influenced their incredible success. What is even more appealing is that the brand still maintained its low-cost, high-quality performance to this day.

This brand offers a value that other budget brands simply cannot match. The owners aim to bring watches that even students can afford, and they remained true to their goal. Their devotion towards the customer and budget-friendly approach is what makes this company worth serious consideration.

  • Aesthetic and Simplistic Designs

What good is a watch brand if its products are dull and uninspired? However, that is not the case with MVMT watches. Featuring stunning yet pleasantly simple designs, this company perfected the formula for budget-watches. Their fashionable timepieces come with a design that attracts the mindset of millennials.

The two friends focus on minimal and straightforward designs overlooking intimidating and complicated designs. They understand what they want, and thus can connect with their users on a personal level. If you are someone who prefers a fashionable timepiece over a complicated one, then this brand might be the one for you.

  • A Wide Collection of Products

What started with a simple problem quickly turned into a massive venture. The company started between two friends creating affordable watches for their age group. However, today, the company has 11 collections for men and 11 for women with each representing a different style and come with multiple color options.

If that was not enough, the straps of each of these products could be replaced, allowing you to switch up your style. Thanks to their wide assortment of watches and the customizable options, you can be sure that they have something that would suit you and your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are MVMT watches worth buying?

Answer: It depends entirely on your expectations. You need to keep in mind that this is a budget-watch. If you are looking for something that will last you year after year, then this might not be for you. However, if you want something affordable that looks good and classy, then these watches are worth buying.

Question: Where are the movements in MVMT watches made?

Answer: The movements in these watches are made in China and Hong Kong. These watches follow the Japanese Miyota quartz movement, which is pretty common for other budget-focused watches.

Question: Are MVMT watches better than Skagen?

Answer: The price range and minimalistic design of MVMT watch often lead them to be compared with another affordable brand, Skagen Denmark. Yes, they can be interchangeable at some level; however, which one is better depends on the consumer’s perspective. In reality, both brands build watches of similar quality.

Question: Are MVMT watches durable?

Answer: There are some reports of durability issues regarding MVMT watches. However, that is common for any watch brand, and it is not something to be alarmed about. The products from this company are not meant to last you forever, and it is natural for these watches to stop working after a few years of regular use.

Question: Are MVMT watches waterproof?

Answer: No MVMT watches are not waterproof. However, all of its products come with a certain amount of water resistance. The minimum water resistance that you can find on MVMT watches is 3 ATM, and the maximum stands at 10 ATM.

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