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Everyone has their own standards of perfection. Thus, men would prefer one model of the watch, while women – another. But seeing the Movado watches, no one will have any doubts that these devices are almost ideal. Just a hint about what Movado is: this is quite an old company that has been producing watches for more than a hundred years. And you might have already owned one of them if you prefer brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste or Hugo Boss: these are just a few that are supplied by the Movado Group Inc.

In order to make sure that you become familiar with the most exquisite ones, WatchmakerNotes has specially prepared the Movado watches review. And, believe it or not, it took more than 60 hours, so you should understand that you won’t find any articles like this one. Interested? Keep on reading!

Movado Bold (3600277) Review

Movado Bold (3600277) Review

Searching for the best watch for men, for sure a potential owner will come across Movado Bold that was proudly released on September 9, 2015. And once they see this model, they won’t pass it by. Its unique design with the monochrome solution is achieved by ion-plated stainless steel. This makes the watch sophisticated and captivating at the same time.

In addition to the above-mentioned details, the 44-millimeter dial is equipped with the chronograph, stopwatch, and a date calendar. Moreover, it is covered with the mineral crystal glass that is way stronger than the regular sapphire one. This combination provides users with durability and confidence. By the way, as a pleasant complement, the manufacturer supplies this product with the 2-year warranty.


  • An astonishing design
  • Durable materials
  • A nice combination of functions


It may be slightly heavy for some users

Movado Museum Classic Watch Review

Movado Museum Classic Watch Review

Another stylish timekeeper for men is one of the most popular models from Movado – Museum Classic released on July 5, 2018. Unlike the previous model, this one comes with a 40-mm dial that has nothing except 2 hands that show the time. It’s minimalistic and superior design solution simultaneously, and as a proof, you will catch envious eyes on your timepiece.

Despite the fact that the watch doesn’t have various functions except for the direct one – showing time, this piece may serve as a zest for your current look. Especially, taking into account the yellow gold bracelet that awesomely emphasizes the deep black dial. Besides, you don’t need to worry about its safety for 2 years since the manufacturer cares about its customers and provides the corresponding warranty.

  • A gorgeous exterior
  • A unisex model
  • Durable materials and a stainless steel cover

A lack of functions

Movado Luno Watch Review

Something similar to the previous model but still individually different is Movado Luno that was released on August 6, 2016. Since that time, Luno has earned plenty of positive feedback. So let’s figure out why!

First of all, the timepiece comes with a 40-millimeter dial covered with stainless steel and a bracelet of the same material. And here’s where the similarity to the Museum model appears: it has only 2 hands on the dial. However, there are hour markings that help a user know what time it is without being confused. And, unfortunately, that are all the functions Luno has. But you should know that the dial, the main element in the timepiece, is protected by the sapphire glass and the manufacturer’s warranty, that. as always, lasts for 2 years.


  • A durable material combination
  • The visible hour and sub-hour markings


The product may come with missing parts

Movado Bold Watch (3600367) Review

Do you want to differ among others? Then, having Movado Bold with the leather band that became available on February 4, 2016, makes this wish highly possible. Indeed, like its “twin” that comes with the stainless steel bracelet, it provides a 44-mm display that combines numerous features, particularly with regard to a date calendar and a stopwatch. In addition, it attracts people passing by.

This timepiece is also perfectly seasoned by the brown leather band that adds brutality and charm. And when a potential owner finds out that it comes with a warranty that guarantees the device’s operational capacity for 2 years, they won’t have even the slightest doubts that they should grab it and go.


  • A magnificent model
  • There are many functions
  • Durable materials


It’s completely water intolerant

Movado Series 800 Watch Review

While the above-mentioned models are water-sensitive, and they are not a good fit for submerging under water up to 660 feet, Movado has a model that is ideal for such a purpose. It’s about Movado Series 800 that was released on December 5, 2003.

The watch features a 40-millimeter display that has 3 hands and a date calendar. In addition, in order to be well seen in the dark, the hour markings and 2 hands have a luminous finish. And if you adore scuba diving, this timekeeper is a perfect option, especially taking into consideration its relatively long-term warranty that lasts for 2 years.


  • It’s lightweight and relatively compact
  • It can resist submerging deep in the water
  • Durable materials
  • Luminous hands and hour markings


Its mechanism tends to break

Movado Bold Watch (3600366) Review

Movado Bold Watch (3600366) Review

If you like the Bold model with the leather band, but you need something simpler, then take a look at another version of Bold. It has become available in stores since February 4, 2016.

While the diameter of the dial is 43 millimeters, that is enough to see all the markings well. But the distinguishing feature is that this item doesn’t have additional functions such as a date calendar or stopwatch, but it’s great for showing time. Besides, it’s a gorgeous accompaniment to your look. And you can totally rely on the manufacturer’s support, specifically, the warranty that covers the item for 2 years.

  • The exterior is minimalistic but wonderful
  • Durable materials

The time is badly seen at a particular angle


Often, while reading a review about something, there appear some questions that you can’t find answers to. For sure, you have experienced it with this article, too. Thus, you are highly recommended checking this section where you might find the necessary information.

Who Makes Movado Watches ⌚?

The Movado brand appeared almost 140 years ago, particularly in 1881, in Switzerland. Since that time, the manufacturer’s corporate structure wasn’t significantly changed. In other words, Movado Group Inc. is a complete cycle company that designs, produces, and sells its products.

Where Are Movado Watches Made?

Despite the fact that the Movado brand is considered to be an American brand, the manufacturing facilities are not based in the USA. Actually, Movado watches are made only in Switzerland 🇨🇭.

Why Are Movado Watches So Expensive 💰?

In fact, in order to answer this question, you should look at it from another point of view. In particular, you should mention why they are expensive compared to e.g. mechanical watches since Movado produces only quartz ones.

Taking into account this case, you should know that this brand produces items that are within a range of 200-1.000 USD. Regularly they cost around 500 USD, and this price is considerably affordable since the products are of high quality.

Where to Buy 🛒?

The obvious answer might be “the best place to buy is an official store”. However, if this were the only option, you wouldn’t have the ability to compare prices and choose the best one. Thus, you can surf the Internet and investigate lots of online stores before you purchase your desired item, and don’t forget about reliable platforms such as Amazon and eBay.


Everyone has their own ideal, but usually, it takes a long time to find it. Especially, when there are lots of distractions that may lead you to a deadlock. In order to avoid such circumstances and help our reader with finding the individual perfect fit, there was created a review. And, hopefully, it helped you find the item you dreamed of, or at least the necessary information.

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