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Everyone has their own standards of perfection. Thus, men would prefer one model of the watch, while women – another. But seeing the Movado watches, no one will have any doubts that these devices are almost ideal. Just a hint about what Movado is: this is quite an old company that has been producing watches for more than a hundred years. And you might have already owned one of them if you prefer brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste or Hugo Boss: these are just a few that are supplied by the Movado Group Inc.

In order to make sure that you become familiar with the most exquisite ones, WatchmakerNotes has specially prepared the Movado watches review. And, believe it or not, it took more than 60 hours, so you should understand that you won’t find any articles like this one. Interested? Keep on reading!

Movado Bold (3600277) Review

Movado Bold (3600277) Review

Movado Museum Classic Watch Review

Movado Museum Classic Watch Review

Movado Luno Watch Review

Movado Bold Watch (3600367) Review

Movado Series 800 Watch Review

Movado Bold Watch (3600366) Review

Movado Bold Watch (3600366) Review


Often, while reading a review about something, there appear some questions that you can’t find answers to. For sure, you have experienced it with this article, too. Thus, you are highly recommended checking this section where you might find the necessary information.

Who Makes Movado Watches ⌚?

The Movado brand appeared almost 140 years ago, particularly in 1881, in Switzerland. Since that time, the manufacturer’s corporate structure wasn’t significantly changed. In other words, Movado Group Inc. is a complete cycle company that designs, produces, and sells its products.

Where Are Movado Watches Made?

Despite the fact that the Movado brand is considered to be an American brand, the manufacturing facilities are not based in the USA. Actually, Movado watches are made only in Switzerland 🇨🇭.

Why Are Movado Watches So Expensive 💰?

In fact, in order to answer this question, you should look at it from another point of view. In particular, you should mention why they are expensive compared to e.g. mechanical watches since Movado produces only quartz ones.

Taking into account this case, you should know that this brand produces items that are within a range of 200-1.000 USD. Regularly they cost around 500 USD, and this price is considerably affordable since the products are of high quality.

Where to Buy 🛒?

The obvious answer might be “the best place to buy is an official store”. However, if this were the only option, you wouldn’t have the ability to compare prices and choose the best one. Thus, you can surf the Internet and investigate lots of online stores before you purchase your desired item, and don’t forget about reliable platforms such as Amazon and eBay.


Everyone has their own ideal, but usually, it takes a long time to find it. Especially, when there are lots of distractions that may lead you to a deadlock. In order to avoid such circumstances and help our reader with finding the individual perfect fit, there was created a review. And, hopefully, it helped you find the item you dreamed of, or at least the necessary information.

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