Best G-Shock Watches in 2021

Do you want to know what the best G-Shock watch is? If so, then you’re most likely a fan of the Casio G-shock line. There are a wide variety of G-Shock watches that offer wearers lots of different benefits, whether that is 200 meter water resistance, a stopwatch, or a world clock function that gives you the time in a considerable amount of time zones.

G-Shock watches are built to last. They are highly durable and can withstand heavy impact. They are also shock-resistant watches, which makes them perfect for everyday use, as well as for use as a sports or running watch. Another great feature of this stylish watch is the price point, as Casio makes sure that its G-Shock line is always affordably priced.

Casio Men’s G-SHOCK GA 100-1A1 Military Series Watch

Casio Men’s G-SHOCK GA 100-1A1 Military Series Watch

This G-SHOCK GA 100-1A1 is an excellent G-Shock watch that has an easy to read face. It features a stopwatch, countdown timer, and a full-auto calendar. Of course, as it is a part of the G-Shock line, then it is highly durable, sturdy, virtually indestructible, and hard-wearing.

The case height is 49 3/5mm, and the case width is 50 7/10mm. It has a world time feature that will work for 29 time zones, and it is easy to adjust for daylight savings time too. You can set 4 daily alarms, and there is a snooze alarm function also. The battery should easily last two years.

+ 2-Year Battery Life
+ World Time Function
+ Easy to Read Face
+ Sturdy
+ Affordable Price

Casio G-Shock GAS100G-1A Watch

This is a beautiful G-Shock watch that features a stunning watch face with a Quartz movement. The face is straightforward to read, thanks to the vibrant colors. The stainless-steel bezel looks lovely too. It offers incredible water resistance that allows it to function correctly up to 200m. It has a great combination of digital and analog features.

The Casio G-Shock GAS100G-1A has an LED light to make checking the time in darkness or underwater even easier. The watchband is made from a durable rubber that will ensure the G-Shock watch stays in perfect condition for a long time. The case size is 53mm.

+ Beautiful Watch Face
+ LED Light
+ Water Resistance up to 200m
+ Stainless-Steel Bezel
+ Durable Rubber Band

G-Shock Rescue Concept Casual Digital Watch

G-Shock Rescue Concept Casual Digital Watch

This Casio G-Shock digital watch for men comes in bright red. It has a digital display that is very easy to read. It has a resin band, which uses a buckle for opening and closing. It is loaded with lots of great features, which is what you expect from the G-Shock line. It has moon and tide graphs and a low-temperature LCD. You also have an auto LED backlight.

The chronograph can be used in either 12-hour or 24-hour mode. There is a world clock, too, giving you the time in any time zone you might want.

+ Bright Red Band
+ Auto LED
+ Lots of Features
+ Low-Temperature LCD
+ Great Price

Casio Men’s GA100L Premier G-Shock Military Watch

 This is proof of just how much of a stylish watch that G-Shock watches are. It has a bold color scheme, featuring an orange, flexible resin band that is sturdy and comfy to wear. It is both magnetic resistant, as well as water-resistant up to a depth of 200m.

There’s an auto LED backlight. It has a stopwatch that goes to 1/1000 of a second. It keeps time ideally, and won’t lose more than a single second per month. This is part of the G-Shock military series, and the military motif is evident because of its looks, as well as its top-quality performance.

+ Bold Colors
+ Flexible Resin Band
+ Accurate Timekeeping
+ Stopwatch
+ Auto LED Backlight

Casio Men’s ‘G-Shock’ Quartz Resin Sport Watch

This is a classic Casio G-Shock watch that features an understated, simple design. It gives you all the necessary features you want from a sports watch, including a stopwatch and an LED backlight. It also gives you 20-bar water resistance, so if you’re a surfer, swimmer, triathalon competitor or scuba diver, then you don’t need to take it off while you jump in the water.

If you’re seeking a G-Shock for everyday use, then it’s perfect, too, as it is lightweight and keeps accurate time. As with all G-Shocks, you get excellent shock resistance, so vibration or impact won’t affect its running.

+ Classic Design
+ Perfect for Sport
+ Water Resistant
+ Low Price
+ LED Backlight

Casio G-Shock Digital Watch

Casio G-Shock Digital Watch

This is another understated G-Shock digital watch that does all the necessary things right. You get the standard shock resistance, as well as an LED backlight, which has an Afterglow function. It’s effortless to set the time, and it keeps it correctly too. It has a case diameter of 45mm.

There’s a stopwatch function, a countdown timer, and an auto-repeat function. As with all watches that are part of the G-Shock line, it is incredibly durable. It is a digital watch that will last you a long time, and the band can be easily replaced.

+ Afterglow Function
+ Stopwatch
+ Classic Design
+ Very Durable
+ 200 Meter Water Resistance

G-Shock Watch Buyer’s Guide

Ever since the very first G-Shock watch was sold in 1983, the G-Shock line has been incredibly popular. G-Shock watches offer wearers an excellent combination of style, sturdiness, and are also loaded with lots of great features too.

Not all G-Shock watches are the same, and you can purchase G-Shock watches in a variety of models, which will then give you certain benefits.

The following are the key features that you will find on G-Shock watches, so make sure to find a new G-Shock watch that offers you the features that you need.

G-Shock Features

Water Resistance

Water-resistance is an important feature that can be found on a G-Shock watch. You want to make sure that you pick a G-Shock watch that offers you at least 200 meters water resistance, as this allows you to wear the clock in the shower or while swimming, without needing to worry about the watch breaking.

Mud Resistance

G-Shock’s Mudmaster watches are designed so that they are resistant to mud. If you are seeking a survival watch, then mud resistance is an important feature. This is also true for anyone who competes in sports where you can get muddy.


A stopwatch is a great feature of a G-Shock watch. You will find that the best stopwatches will offer you accurate time that goes right down to 1/1000 of a second. If you plan to use the stopwatch feature often, then make sure that the controls are user-friendly, and also that the screen is easy to read. G-Shock watches will usually have a countdown mode too.

World Time Function

The number of time zones that are offered by a World Time function on a G-Shock watch will vary. The minimum is 29 time zones, but some G-Shock watches will provide you with more time zones. This function will also offer you the ability to switch to Daylight Saving Time easily.

Auto LED Backlight

G-Shock watches will often have an LED backlight, which makes checking the time more convenient, as the watch face can become easy to read, even if in darkness. An auto LED backlight is a function that can be switched on so that the LED backlight comes on when you move your wrist, meaning that you don’t need to press a button to turn it on.

Digital Compass

For anyone seeking to use a G-Shock as a survival watch, then a digital compass is a beneficial feature that you will find on many G-shock watches. It is also a useful feature for people who do adventure sports, such as kayaking or hiking.

Thermometer Display

An accurate thermometer display is also a convenient feature to look out for on G-Shock watches.


One major feature of G-Shock watches that all buyers must consider is how the watch looks. It is excellent, of course, that the watch is loaded with lots of useful features, but it has to be a stylish watch furthermore, as you’ll be wearing it for a significant amount of time.

Can a G-Shock watch be worn for scuba dives?

As long as the G-Shock watch offers 200-meter water resistance, then it will continue to function well during scuba dives. An LED backlight, as well as an easy to read watch face, also allows you to check the time quickly while you’re underwater. G-Shock watches that are water-resistant will be fine for scuba dives, as well as for swims or kayaking or other water sports.

Do G-Shock watches keep accurate time?

G-Shock watches have an excellent reputation for keeping perfect time. Reviews for G-Shock watches by their wearers will always attest to how it is unlikely even to lose one second per month when wearing a G-Shock watch.

How long does a G-Shock’s battery last?

When G-Shock watches were initially designed, they were meant to pass three tests. They should be water-resistant up to 10-bars. They should be able to survive a free fall of 10 meters. And they also should have a battery that offers ten years of life. This is still true of classic G-Shock watches. But not all watches that are part of the G-Shock line will give you ten-year battery life. You should check before you purchase your G-Shock watch what the battery life is.

In some cases, it will be for two years. There are also solar G-Shock watches, which allow for the battery to be recharged by sunlight. Of course, G-Shock watches have a lot of features, and the more that you use these features, then the quicker the battery will run out.

Expert Tip

You should always pick a G-Shock watch for your purpose. The best G-Shock for everyday use might not be the best G-Shock to be used as a survival watch. Always ensure that you have checked the size, dimensions, and features of a G-Shock watch before you purchase it so that you can be sure it is the best suited to your wrist size, and needs. This also means that you shouldn’t get distracted by fancy features – such as mud resistance – if you won’t use them.

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