10 Best Casio Watches in 2021

Japanese manufacturer Casio has long been known for the quality and innovation of their watches. They were one of the first companies to start manufacturing both analog and digital quartz watches and led the charge in terms of introducing calculator watches. Their timepieces are known for the inclusion of a number of different bells and whistles like support for multiple different time zones and displays showing GPS coordinates, temperature, and atmospheric pressure.

While Casio may not have the luxury appeal of giants like Rolex and Tag Hauer, they produce timepieces that produce some of the most workmanlike results around. If you want a watch that can take a licking and keep on ticking, Casio has you covered. Here are some of the best models available today.

1. Casio DW9052-1V Men’s ‘G-Shock

1. Casio DW9052-1V Men’s ‘G-Shock

The G-Shock is built with skaters and surfers in mind, but a wide variety of different athletes can get significant mileage out of this sturdy piece of work. The digital face tracks the time down to the minute, while a smaller stopwatch screen can track your results down to 1/100 of a minute. That can make all the difference in the world when training for speed performances on the track or out in the world.

The fact that it’s both shock resistant and waterproof to a depth of 200 meters means that it’s sturdy enough to keep working even in the toughest of conditions. An electro-luminescent blacklight allows it to serve its purpose even in pitch dark conditions, but the simple and intuitive interface – relegated to four basic buttons around the face – means that you can measure the exact results you need without a lot of fiddling.

  • Battery boasts two years of charge with continual usage 
  • Includes stopwatch and countdown alarm with auto-repeat functions 
  • Calendar pre-programmed up until the year 2039 
  • Resistant to both shock and water 
  • Doesn’t always respond quickly when you press the buttons.

2. Casio PAG240-1CR Men’s Pathfinder

v2. Casio PAG240-1CR Men’s Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is built with outdoor adventurers in mind, and it’s one of the best companions you can have if you decide to go hiking out in the wilds. While it’s significantly more expensive than the G-Shock, it packs in a ton of useful features. While it’s only waterproof at half the distance of the G-Shock, it comes packed with world times for 31 different time zones, an altimeter, a barometer, a thermometer, and support for five different daily alarms.

The full auto-calendar can keep you up-to-date with your scheduling all the way until 2099, while the EL backlight can make sure that you can see even in darkest night. You can expect six months of mileage out of its battery, but it also includes a battery power indicators and a battery-saving function so you don’t have to be worried about being left in the lurch.

  • Waterproof case ideal for snorkeling and swimming 
  • Resistance to temperatures as low as 14 Fahrenheit 
  • Digital screen secured to a tough stainless steel case 
  • Packed with a huge number of tools for hikers and explorers 
  • The compass rotating dial gets a lot of dirt in it and will stop rotating.

3. Casio F91W-1 Classic Digital Sport Watch

This Classic digital F91W-1 may not have a flashy and evocative name like many of its contemporaries, but this budget option offers all the fundamentals, and that makes it one of the best cheap Casio watches you’ll find. The Digital F91W-1 has a superb battery life that means that you can invest in this low-price watch and not have to worry. This battery can last you up to 10 years, and reviewers have commented on how well the band holds its form even when subjected to extreme conditions.

But if you ever need to switch the band out, its standards dimensions means that the process is cheap and easy. The F91W-1 also comes with an LED backlight and the ability to set your time to standard or military formats.

  • One of the most inexpensive Casio sport watches available 
  • Very durable and practical for the price range 
  • Has an Exceptionally long battery life 
  • Water Resistance
  • The led light is very poor and doesn’t always light the whole screen up.

4. Casio MRW200H-1BV Analog Dive Watch

For divers, a quality watch isn’t just a fashion statement. It can be a matter of life and death. Knowing how much time you’ve spent exposed to high pressure is important, and while this isn’t the best diving watch that Casio offers, it’s still strong enough to meet the needs of recreational divers. The mineral dial window and Japanese quartz movement produce precise results (Casio promises an accuracy of plus or minus 20 seconds per month), and it’s rated to be waterproof at up to 100 meters.

The 3 o’clock face offers date and time, and the hands and numbers are bright and clear so you can get the information you need with a simple glance. This isn’t a watch bedecked with bells and whistles, but its offered at a generous price, and it sports the strong craftsmanship that Casio is known for.

  • One of the cheapest options Casio offers 
  • An accuracy within a 20 seconds discrepancy per month 
  • Display offers both the day and the date 
  • Face is very easy to read underwater 
  • It can scratch really easily, and the lumen isn’t the greatest.

5. Casio GA 100-1A1 Military Series

The term “military watch” is rather ambiguous, but the phrase is often used as shorthand for watches that offer a rugged aesthetic or those built to withstand a lot of wear and tear. The GA 100-1A1 offers both in spades. The black frame and cluttered assortment of smaller dials may be confusing at first, but this is a variation of the Casio G Shock design at its heart.

The “Triple 10” design philosophy that went into the watch ensures that it can withstand ten meters of free fall, endure ten bars (or 200 meters) of water resistance, and last ten years on a single battery. The GA 100-1A1 is fitted with both a digital and an analog face. The world time is compatible with 29 time zones and 48 cities, and the backlight is electroluminescent in nature.

  • One of the hardiest watches that Casio offers 
  • Perfect for water sports and high-intensity outdoor activities 
  • Comes with both a stopwatch and a countdown timer 
  • Supports a full auto-calendar 
  • Some of you might find it hard to read the time on the watch.

6. Casio MDV106-1A Black Analog

Casio has a propensity for making watches that are sometimes more practical than they are aesthetically pleasing, but it would be hard to argue that this Casio watch favors function at the expense of form. Everything from the bold black sheen of its face to the stylized design of its numbers and tic markers makes it clear that this watch is a fashion statement as much as it is anything else. This watch doesn’t have the same laundry list of features that some of its contemporaries do, but it’s a sharp timepiece with the accuracy consumers come to expect from Casio.

The resin band is very sturdy, and the one-way rotating bezel makes use of a screw-down crown and screw-up lock to make sure that the time is never readjusted accidentally. Despite not being designed for outdoor sports, it’s resistant to water at up to 200 meters.

  • One of Casio’s most stylish designs 
  • Surprisingly high level of water resistance 
  • Very secure bezel 
  • Face made of mineral glass 
  • Difficult to see at night due to not so good luminous markers and the date window is too small.

7. Casio CA53W-1 Databank Watch

There’s a distinctively retro look to the Databank. While the halcyon days of the calculator watch are decades in the past, this Casio watch has been updated with the advances of the intervening years. The calculator buttons are tactile, responsive, and spread out enough to minimize errors while running numbers. Constants for addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication make it a good utility device, and the water resistant shell means that it can even be used while out on the ocean or in the pool.

Just keep in mind that the lack of backlighting makes it a poor choice for deep dives or nighttime activities. Measuring modes allow runners to calculate split times and first and second place times, and the stopwatch can provide results with an accuracy up to 1/100 of a second. The auto-calendar is programmed to the year 2079.

  • One of the few high-quality calculator watches on the market 
  • Calculator buttons are built to last 
  • Battery life of up to five years 
  • Dual time support 
  • Doesn’t come with backlight and no date function.

8. Casio MTD-1079D-1AVCF Super Illuminator

8. Casio MTD-1079D-1AVCF Super Illuminator

If you can’t read the face of a watch, it’s not bound to be of much use. The powerful super illuminator backlighting powering the Casio Illuminator makes it great for those with poor night vision, but it’s an especially useful addition for snorkelers and divers. Further emphasizing its value as a diving watch is the fact that it can withstand water at depths of up to 100 meters and the fold-over safety clasp that will keep it securely tethered to your wrist even under extenuating circumstances.

And while the digital focus of Casio watches often means that they’re better as utility devices than fashion accessories, this is a handsome looking timepiece. The counterpoint between the bold arrow of the hour hand and the basic shape rectangles and circles that constitute the face are further accentuated by the simple color scheme of silver, black, and white.

  • Fastened to a sturdy stainless steel bracelet 
  • Quartz movement ensures precise and quality performance 
  • Backlit by a Super Illuminator LED 
  • Comes with a one year manufacturer warranty 
  • The watch can scratch really easily, and the system for reducing the length of the bracelet does not work.

Best Casio Watches Buyer’s Guide

There are countless options to choose from when you’re looking for your next watch, but there’s a reason why we decided to devote an entire guide to Casio watches. Here are some of the advantages of sticking with this well-known brand.


Casio has existed since 1946, and they’ve been making watches since 1974. That’s given them plenty of time to develop an understanding of their products and perfect their techniques. When you buy a Casio watch, you’ll know that you’re sticking to a brand that’s weathered decades of scrutiny.

Variety: While many manufacturers focus on a specific market, Casio has cast their net wide. Whether you’re looking for a budget watch or a luxury timepiece, a sports watch or a fashion watch, something to wear in the gym or in scuba gear, there’s bound to be something in the Casio catalog to meet your needs.

Feature Consistency

You may have noticed that all of the watches listed in this buyers guide offered water resistance for at least 100 meters. That’s not a fluke. Almost all of the watches in Casio’s catalog offer some standard features that include discreet options like alarms and more hidden value like extended battery life. You can expect even cheap Casio watches to have a level of feature consistency that you won’t find in fly-by-night competitors.


When you buy a premium watch, you’re paying a premium for the privilege of wearing a brand name. The opposite is true with Casio. It’s a brand synonymous with high value for the cost, and that’s true whether you’re sinking a dozen or a thousand bucks on your new timepiece.


Casio watches are almost universally sturdy. That’s true of the stainless steel bands that make up their more premium watches, but the plastic bands that they build their name on are famous for a reason. Both the face and the band of the watch are built to withstand the test of time, and that’s just as important a consideration as battery life.


Casio was one of the first companies to get onboard with quartz watch production, with the inclusion of temperature and atmospheric measurement tools, and with integration with GPS location components. While some of Casio’s innovations have essentially become evolutionary dead ends – see the wane in popularity of the calculator watch – this is a company that isn’t afraid to experiment.

Know the Casio Collections

Casio has built a broad portfolio of products in the past few decades, but you may have noticed that a few specific collections have enjoyed greater prominence in our shopping list (Hello, G-Shock). That’s because price and value are one of the most important factors in our evaluation process. But none of the Casio products are a bad pick. Here’s what you need to know about their most prominent options.

Cheap Casio Watches

Many of the cheaper Casio products don’t fall under a specific collection, but that doesn’t mean that they’re a bad choice. You can expect a baseline level of quality and durability. While these watches tend to be on the cheaper end, that’s more an indication that they aren’t built with a specific type of consumer in mind rather than an indication that they aren’t worthy of your time.


The Casio G Shock is one of the most prolific collections in the Casio catalog, and one of the most acclaimed. That’s in large part due to the shock resistance capability of these watches. Every product in this collection can take a serious beating, and that makes them some of the best high-intensity sports watches from any manufacturer.


For many people, the level of durability that the G-Shock offers might be a bit excessive. The Illuminator collection still offers a respectable level of toughness, but the LED backlighting built into their faces add an extra layer of utility for people who regularly go diving in deep waters or jogging at night.


The Databank collection splits the difference between simple, highly durable phones and the cutting edge smartwatches being introduced by industry giants like Apple. But their special features tend to be more narrow in function that something like the Apple Watch. We picked our model for its usability and the vintage cool of its 90s-inspired design, but many of the watches in the Databank collection are stylish and more modern in presentation. In addition to calculators, the Databank watches offer features like the ability to control your TV or translate your date display into different languages.


This collection is built from the ground up to be Casio watches for men. Their stainless steel designs scream sophistication, while the rather complicated collection of dials and features packed into each one is designed to make them stand out at the water cooler or in the boardroom. As a result, Edifice watches tend to be priced more competitively with low and mid-range luxury watch brands than some of the other collections.


The sports watches are built to do exactly one thing: serve as an accurate companion for a variety of athletic activities. They tend to be the workhorse of the Casio catalog, and the fact that they don’t come packed with G-Shock technology means that their costs tend to be very affordable.


Finding the best Casio watches wasn’t easy. Their selection can frankly be overwhelming, and the general quality of their products are strong around the board. But the models outlined above were picked because they each fill a specific niche and they each stand at the top of their class for that niche. But that doesn’t mean that this list is the be all and end all. If you’re looking to dig deeper into the Casio catalog, let this list serve as your guidepost rather than the Holy Bible for Casio watch shopping.

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